A BUG With Bookmark with defaut channel in Teamspeak5 / TS5

There is an error in teamspeak5, when we bookmark a server with a default automatic connection channel and this server has a welcome message, it turns out that the TS5 client can’t connect us to the channel chosen in the bookmark while the TS3 client does it without any problem on this same server.

Sorry for my bad English, I hope I’m understandable.

We also have a Teamspeak server with spaces in the name and it works great. But Teamspeak 5 does not have the Autojoin function.

We also have a welcome message.

But you can tell me where you can set the Autojoin in the edit area of the server.


We can also connect without problems. Also with Teamspeak5. Did you try to join with the Ip?

Normally it works as it should, just like in TS3. I know only one instance that this doesn’t work, and that is when you have slashes in channel/spacer names whichever you wanna join.

I had the same issue for quite some time and when I changed Default Channel to one without these, it now works.

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There it is the channel that I want to auto join. And it doesn’t work … In other TS server without welcome message when i set a channel here it works …

So, as in my example, it has slashes in its name. It will not work in TS5, at least for now.

You might want to contact server administration in order to change this channel’s name.

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Problem here is that the client trys to connect into a sub channel first when using slashes.
We know about that issue already and have it on our to do list.