About TS3 Ping


Can I edit the Ping of users on my Teamspeak server? For example, I want the ping of users from the countries I specified to appear on the Server between 30-40. Is something like this possible ?

The value commonly referred to when speaking about ping is the Round-trip delay aka the time it takes a package to be send back and forth together. (Round-trip delay - Wikipedia)

So there simply cant be any setting for internet connection speed in the server.
The only way to improve the ping for specific counties would be to select a nearby server location (with decent routing).

So if you are using the free TeamSpeak server provided for beta testing there is nothing you can do atm. It is planned to add an option to select the server location. This is yet to be implemented though.

If you are using a provider that offers multiple server locations you can ask to switch to a different location in order to improve the connection quality.

If you are however with a provider that cannot offer a server location near your desired location the only option is to switch the provider to one that offers what you need.

Prioritize providers that can offer server locations near large IXPs. For example in Germany this would be Frankfurt (am Main) near DE-CIX.
Here a list of the largest IXPs.

This is not possible - you need to change the server location.