Add Group & Contact Calling and Screensharing

As Teamspeak has lost a lot of its userbase over the recent years due to Discord it only makes sense to add features that make Teamspeak competitive again, in order to compete properly in this day in age you must have the ability to directly call Contacts and Screensharing capability. With this, I am sure Teamspeak will have no problem competing with Discord. A bonus would be adding the ability to call Groups/Rooms.

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Suggestion already exists

take a look at here:
I think Teamspeak 5 should have screenshare with groups or individual users, with audio included like a stream - TeamSpeak Client / Suggestions and Feedback - TeamSpeak

This is not Discord. You need to join a Server to talk to anyone.

Considering TS5 is building to have more direct contacts with DMs without needing to join a server, it only makes sense to continue working towards offering competitive features. Considering Discord’s original motto was “Ditch Skype and Teamspeak” it is within the same market. I see no reason to not offer direct calling to contacts and screensharing capabilities.

I know a good reason why TeamSpeak should not include calls:

Voice communication via TeamSpeak client is done via TeamSpeak servers.

Why implement calls when you can easily talk over a server? There is no maximum number of participants in the conversation and it will also be much easier to maintain.


Fair point, I feel as if it would be easier for the users to just communicate via the same DM as a contact, it’d also eliminate needing to join another server purely for talking to one contact. Having to make a private channel just to talk to one contact or getting that contact to join your server is just a lot of work. Though Teamspeak would have to provide the infrastructure in order to host those personal calls, which would cost money, I can’t make an informed opinion on if they have the budget to handle it as of course Teamspeaks finances aren’t made public. I still feel though at a minimum they need Screensharing Capabilities.

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