Add Volume Peak Meter in Settings Menu

When I went to configure my audio devices in Settings > Audio > Capture> Record Test, I was having trouble testing my microphone. I was recording test audio, playing it back, and hearing nothing. Turns out it was my audio output device that was messed up, but I had no indication/way of knowing.

I suggest adding a microphone meter when recording test audio so you know if it is capturing microphone even when you have output device wrong.

In addition, you could also show volume meter changing when playing back your test recording under “Output Volume” so you know how close your output volume is to hitting your peak.

There is one already. But only active in modes where you can adjust anything.
Only Hybrid or Volume gate mode have this.


Ok. I see what you are talking about now.

I still think it would be nice to add an additional one on the recording bar to show you have mic input when testing your input device or just have the bar shown all the time (even when set to automatic). Actually, I think the ladder option might be better. Just have the bar shown for all 3 options (even if it doesn’t use it on automatic just for feedback).