Additional Themes and Editor

Completely customise your TeamSpeak client with the addition of more default themes and an integrated theme editor.


That sounds like bad news for me. :sunglasses:

Feature suggestion: It would be nice if people could import and export themes they created with the editor, and share them easily with others (for example: myTS integration, forum integration), preferably with a voting option on shared designs.


Still in early days on this, so we can discuss all options at this point :slight_smile:

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This for ts3 or ts5? :smiley:

You don’t want to get into building themes for TeamSpeak 3, with or without an integrated editor.

Believe me. I did and I still have nightmares from attempting to address all these horribly nested QWidget instances.

Understood , thx :smiley:

I am super hyped! Once this ships out, I’m definitely going to be creating a theme or two, as soon as I possibly can. If you want extra default themes to ship out when this goes live, let me know; I can do mockups so you can see if you’d like it.

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