Admin Server Query can't edit Clients

Guten Tag,
ich habe ein Plugin welches Minecraft mit TeamSpeak verbindet. Nun ist das Problem, dass mein Serveradmin keine Clients bearbeiten kann.

Hier der Fehler:
16:21:19 [INFO] An error has been occurred, @link_cmd.handler.1.{spigot}
16:21:19 [INFO] This error means that CloudBot doesn’t have enough client permissions or ClouBot
16:21:19 [INFO] isn’t connected on your TeamSpeak server due to e.g. invalid credentials.
16:21:19 [INFO] Make sure your query identity has ‘serveradmin’ or ‘Admin Server Query’ TeamSpeak group.

Even though most active people on this forum are German Adam ruled us to only speak English here.
So bla bla

But regarding the problem:
Doesn’t the error message say everything you need to know?

  • Is the CloudBot connected?
    (In TS3 you can toggle whether you want to see Query clients if you have corresponding permissions either in the bookmarks or through a custom menu bar button)
  • Is the CloudBot assigned to the servergroup Admin Server Query?

Sorry I missed that with English. The CloudBot is connected, here is a screen: Screenshot by Lightshot
I connected the bot to Serveradmin.

But is it actually assigned?

Yes here again as proof: Screenshot by Lightshot

Ok, so what exactly is it that the bot is failing to do?
And have you ever modified the permissions of Admin Server Query?
Or have you modified any permissions via the server query yourself?

The bot awards ranks and icons. As soon as he assigns a personalized icon, it is no longer possible. Unfortunately I cannot answer the last two questions.

Can you check the value of i_client_permission_modify_power from the Admin Server Query group?

Here is a screen Screenshot by Lightshot

Can anyone help me?

can I have the server ip to connect to help you out

I gave myself a rank as server admin via my web interface and everything worked. I don’t no where is the error.

Du könntest dir auch auch selber ein Bild davon machen auf meinen Server.