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Hello I have a problem I want to put myself on the server in the Admin Server Query group which is not possible because I always get an error
error code 512
invalid clientID

Thanks in advance

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You are not a query client.

But if you need the permissions (for whatever) see this thread:

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This is intended afaik as it is a query group and not a server group.
I think support was removed in server version 3.6, not sure though.

Next time maybe just give this a look in the search function as it was asked multiple times already.

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This feature was removed in the server version 3.6.0 - so a long time ago.
You can’t get it into an official way anymore.

The only thing you can do is, logging in as serveradmin
Sooo this query should include the Admin Server Query group automatically… and you’ll be able to use it, but of course not as a client; just as a server query.

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Nice, I remembered correctly.

As a quick tip: If you just want to manage the server you can mostly use query tools like YaTQa. They are fairly easy to use and give you all the possibilities you had on older server versions with the query group as a client.

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my problem is some settings can only be set with permission 100 75 as the server admin has not enough

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Yes. Usually 75 is more than enough. You could just decrease everything else.
If you really want to use the system up to 100 you have to manage the settings via the query.
Either plain Telnet or a query client.

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Of course you can.

I’ve already linked the solution above (see my post).
Not gonna repeat myself again. :roll_eyes:

Use servergroupcopy to copy the admin query group the a new (normal) permanent group.

It’s your server you can do whatever you like.
Even if it’s not recommended…


sorry i don’t understand what you mean my english is not that good either

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I think I managed to thank you for the help


(1) use the query console and select your server

use 1
servergroupcopy ssgid=2 tsgid=0 name=my\snew\squery\sgroup type=1

(2) get the group ID of the created group


(3) assign your client ID to the new servergroup

servergroupaddclient sgid={groupID} cldbid={clientDBID}

Of course, when you copy it… but you can’t get it as an Server Query group anymore - this feature was removed. Overall, it’s just a copy man.

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