AGC please remove

I’m using Teamspeak since a lot of years now and I always liked Teamspeak more than Discord, Mumble etc. But I’m facing a lot of issues with AGC. I downgraded the Version a while ago but today I decided to Update again and check if it’s better now. And no it is not.
In my opinion it should be removed completely. It is way to aggressive on the gain.
The issue is when I’m speaking normal or more quiet it is increasing my gain very much. When I’m in a round of CS:GO or something else and I start screaming “RUSH B” all my friends are hearing loss.

This is not working as it should be and will never. I think there are two options for improving it.
Either remove it or add a procedure where it mesures the “normal” Audio gain and stays at that gain.
When I’m whispering I don’t want to be that loud as Teamspeak is regulating.


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