Aidez aux sourds et aux malentendants/Help the deaf and hard of hearing

Je suis sourd profond, joueur français et je peux répondre des mots mais je ne répond jamais par l’écoute et je fréquente au CS: GO.

Justement, ça fait des années qu’on pose la question STT (no TTS), beaucoup des joueurs me plaîsaient comme engagement dans une équipe, chaque fois ils me demandent au TS 3 pour communiquer, malgré ils décevaient très souvent à cause un coach du team, il a peur de rater au tournois ou bien disqualifier de ne pas porter un casque… C’est-à-dire qu’on ne peut pas y aller sans la communication avec teammates lors du tournois de CS: GO à cause de ma surdité.

Chers ingénieurs, je vous prie de bien créer une section TeamSpeak 3 en mode Speak-To-Text. Si cela vous demande une option qui coutera beacoup d’argent… Essayez d’abonnement de 5€ ou 10€ /mois.
Bien ça vaut un coup de pouce pour nous.

I am profoundly deaf, a French player and I can respond with words but I never respond by listening and I frequent CS: GO.

Precisely, it’s been years that we ask the question STT (no TTS), many players liked me as a commitment in a team, each time they ask me to TS 3 to communicate, despite they very often disappointed because of a coach of the team, he is afraid of missing the tournament or disqualifying from not wearing a helmet … That is to say that we cannot go there without communication with teammates during the CS: GO tournament because of my deafness.
: '- (

Dear engineers, please create a TeamSpeak 3 section in Speak-To-Text mode. If this asks for an option that will cost a lot of money … Try a 5€ or 10€ / month subscription.
Well worth a boost for us.

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I have already read this forum from 2013, this is interesting.
Helps with TS3 Speech to Text for Deaf/HoH
But we are in 2020, so there is still a possibility of operating in speech-to-text mode.
I don’t see why players aren’t interested, STT.
However, it is necessary, for health, for example:
If you have an ear infection … If you have a migraine (headache) … If your ears burn from a day of music.
If you watch baby and children cries.
If ever 1 player has an unbearable voice then in STT mode and you answer the microphone.
For you it’s good because I believe of course, when you speak at the same time there are surely accidents which you don’t hear in game.
Wouldn’t that be perfect?
We know that we can add in overlay of the overwolf in chat mode we can read without problem.
If you are afraid of spelling mistakes, it doesn’t matter, one word can save you to victory. Otherwise devs will be able to update in early access.
This option is worth gold at all costs for people with disabilities, it helps an education allows you to listen to your family and is good for your health.

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