All redeemed badges are gone

As the title says, my complete collection of badges is gone. Yesterday everything was still there and now they completly vanished. Today i connected to my everyday server and noticed that i have no badges next to my name.

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Seems that all badges are gone for everyone. On myTeamSpeak it says that you have not redeemed any badges yet.
I‘m sure, staff will fix this as soon as possible or provide some information about this.

my badges are gone on Teamspeak 3 and 5. They are no longer on my Teamspeak Acc (client and browser). Could someone please help me. D:

thanks for the help,


everyone has the problem that the badges are gone. Im sure the TeamSpeak Staff
is working on this.


I’m going today. I look, and all my badges are gone. Please help solve this problem.

Currently the MyTeamSpeak service is not 100% available, so be patient and wait till it is fixed.

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