Archive of Mac Versions?

Is there an archive of older Teamspeak for MacOS anywhere? I’m unable to use the current client as my MacOS is not on the latest edition. And I can’t update as my Mac is too old to have the High Sierra editions. So I need an older version of teamspeak except I can’t find one anywhere!

Thank you so much, hopefully the one server I need is not lol! Hope these are compatible as well.

if their server version is 3.10.0 or above you need to use 3.3.0 or newer client version.

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Up to date servers enforce a minimum client version, clients need a minimum server version aswell. No server can skip updates just for one user.


Alright, at the moment I’ve got the 3.2.5 version and the 3.3.0 version is not compatible. I guess if the server updates I won’t be able to use my Mac to be able to access their server.

Thanks people!