Auto AFK

Let people know when you’ve left your desk for a while, with Auto-AFK.

That way, they know you’re not ignoring them.


I always liked to use AFK channels on my server, how about automove -feature for this?


Because banning them for “Stop going AFK in my room!” is more funny :joy:



This is more about people still being able to listen to conversations even when they appear to be AFK, isn’t it? At least, that is my reasoning for using AFK channels.

There can be tricky situations, like someone being the last person in a temporary channel. Moving them away from there would also delete the channel.

So maybe this should remain something for add-on developers to wrap their creative head around. It’s not exactly a “clean” concept and I’d prefer to keep the core software free of such things or it could easily turn into an overloaded collection of gimmicks.

Add a setting so if you manually go AFK, or it automatically sets you AFK to mute mic and sound with it.


no, nobody on our server really don’t use AFK-status. when they go AFK, they move to the AFK -channel (muted) and give free spot for other people in slot limited channel. Also other users still sees easily that they still are online and can send messages.

Early days yet, so considering all options :slight_smile:

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