Auto create a bookmarked channel when joining a bookmarked server

Right now when you specified a channel/password in a server bookmark, if the channel wasn’t created before entering, you go to the lobby of the server. Please make it possible to autocreate the bookmarked channel on server join.

Makes not much sense. If some random dude wanna join into the channel which does not exist. It will get created? With what permissions? Where should it be created? What description, topic, max users, password, icon? That function should only be used for static channels


Let me explain further. Right now I connect to a server that allows temporal channels. I don’t have a permanent channel in that server, but my friends and I always use the same server, same channel and same password. The first one that comes online creates the channel and then the rest connect.

Since you can bookmark a server with a channel and a password already, the suggestion is to allow to create that bookmarked channel if it is not already created on server connection. Right now when I join the server if I’m the first, it just takes me to the lobby and I have to manually create the channel, but If somebody is already online and created the channel, I can join right in when connecting to the server from the bookmark.

I know what you mean and i agree with you, this would be useful. :slight_smile:

Overall, it’s not that bad of an idea, but as @LeonMarcelHD mentioned, there are too many questions to be answered.

Firstly, there needs to be a template for such channels on a server, and that needs a bit of a rewrite if you want this to be in ”vanilla” TS Server.

So, yeah, this might be a nice feature, but it can be used in a somewhat destructive manner.

Secondly, few users doing that at one time might be OK, but imagine maybe few dozen (or more) of them doing that at the same time. Or imagine a group of trolls entering server few times a minute, creating such channel only to disconnect (so the channel would cease to exist) and reconnect (making the channel available again). We get a form of DDoS attack, and this can be a pain in the a**. Do this too many times, server takes a hiccup and can possibly crash, who knows what more.

In conclusion, good idea, but needs to be thought about before in can be even added.


Dunno why there is so much fuss about this. Right now you are able to do this with a couple of clicks right after joining a server. This suggestion is just to reduce the extra steps. I’m sure there are built-in DOS protections and that joining and disconnecting from a server fast is something that wouldn’t throw a server down or at least if it does, is already limited.
But hey! this is just my idea of something that would make (at least my) life easier. Of course is not a full PR to be merge right away, I’m sure there is a path between the idea and the implementation of it. That is for TS team to decide the “how” if they think its a nice to have feature.

Thanks everybody that commented!

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