Automatic mic gain issue

When i use usb-microphones in newer ts versions, my mic gains som much when i am not talking.
Could this be fixed?
I cannot use the newer TS-versions because this occurs. really annoying.
The issue is that the mic suddenly starts to “look” for sound. So when i am silent the mic gains to the heaven, automaticly, so the mic sound itself gets much higher.

I dont have this problem on 3.3.0 version of TS. But the problem occurs on the newest version, 3.5.6.

I want to use 3.5.6, because automatic voice volume leveling option in the old versions.

I have acess to the beta-client, but i use overwolf, and that doesent support tsBeta atm. And the beta dont have keybinds for changing channels quickly, wich i need.5

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