Automatically add [URL] tags when connected to a Teamspeak 3.0 Server

Links sent via Teamspeak 5 are not clickable for Teamspeak 3 users

Then all my friends would have to do that just because im testing Teamspeak 5

That’s one of the annoying compatibility issues.

TeamSpeak 5 detects URLs on incoming chat messages and turns them into links. And it doesn’t add any markup when sending URLs because other TeamSpeak 5 clients build the links on the receiving end.

TeamSpeak 3 clients however do it differently. They add URL tags on outgoing messages and expect those to be present on incoming messages.

This leads to the problem at hand. The old server based chat system was not designed to deal with two different client versions using different markup.

So what is needed is a compatibility layer which can be added in 3 places (non exclusive):

  • TeamSpeak server
  • TeamSpeak 3 client
  • TeamSpeak 5 client

Your suggestions implies that there is a distinction between a TeamSpeak 3 server and a TeamSpeak 5 server.

The last time I checked, TeamSpeak stated that they are not going to build a new server for version 5 but enhance the existing version 3 server to support both client generations.

Assuming that is still correct, your suggestion doesn’t make sense.

Describe the problem, but let the developers deal with it instead of telling them how to fix it. It’s their responsibility, not yours.

Don’t get me wrong. You can make suggestions but those shouldn’t sound like it’s the definitive way to do it. It may actually stop other possibly better ideas from popping up.