[BADGE IDEA] Game License BADGE's with different tiers?!?

Hello there!

I seen some Sponsorship License Badges on some servers.

It’s possible to drop some badges out for the Gamer License too, who depends on the slot’s we bought? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

What do you think about this guys? :star_struck:


So you mean, you get a badge with the purchase of a license?

Yeah, this is how i mean. :grinning:

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i like this idea :smiley:

I already suggested this on Twitter. What they did? Literally ignored.
For me is just disrespectful the fact that some sponsored TeamSpeak’s have a unique badge and people who in fact pay for the license and help the company stay “up” dont get absolutely any type of recognition.

Any chance for us to have this, @staff?


Sad story, but i hope it will be end happy. :smiley:

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@TS.ChrisR, we still waiting an official answer about that. :slight_smile:


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Coronatime BADGE

Not as easy to implement as you may think but it’s a badge I’ve been talking about having for a long time. We’ll see what the future brings :wink:


we already have the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” badge about coronavirus. What else do you want?

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We hope the best. :smiley: Thanks for your response.

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