Hallo, ich habe badge codes eingelöst und kann sie bei Teamspeak nicht Einlösen

english pls

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Uhh… Again, really?!


Hello, I have redeemed badge codes and cannot use them at Teamspeak

If you redeemed badge codes on or inside TS Client, you may need to wait up to 24 hours for client cache to be refreshed.

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OK… I redeemed the rocket beans badge and the Overwatch league badge at 9th April and theyre not choosable.

pasame los codigos plss


Post in English or at least translate your post from your language.

Second, go here and read first post. That’s all.

@NNC_CrC ensure your have them selected to show. Either on your account or on TeamSpeak. Tools - Options - Account - badges here you will be able to see what badges you have selected. You can drag and drop to change them. For them to be allocated just restart TeamSpeak