Bandwidth usage limit is too low

Hi! Me and a group of friends decided to start a ts3 server, but we have come across a problem.
We want good audio quality when talking to each other, so we are therefore using the Opus Music codec with a bandwidth usage of 11.87 KiB/s. However, one of us is using a stereo microphone, and for some reason when we are using Opus Music we can only hear him on one side of our headphones.
Switching to the Opus Voice codec will fix that problem, however it will introduce another one. Opus Voice has for some reason a much lower bandwidth limit, only 7.71 KiB/s. We find this limit too low, and greatly decreases the audio quality.

How come we can’t have more options when deciding bandwidth usage limit?

Thanks for the clarification. But Opus Voice, quality 10 is certainly not the perfect voice quality. It sounds like garbage compared to Opus Music, quality 10. Thing is though, we can’t use that codec for the reason I mentioned earlier.

I would like the developers to give us more more options with higher bitrate, or whatever.

i and my friends usually use Opus Voice quality 6 and in some channel 10 and we dont have any problem…
they didn’t even complain on our server (600-700 user) nobody had a problem with the sound quality.

Most likely the problem is a network one.