BanList search for ban


Im not sure but is there option to search BanList at Teamspeak(ts5 client) ? If not can it by checking box like servergroups?

That’s not possible with the new list because the client no longer requests all bans just by opening the list.
So even when a search function would be included you wold only search in current page.

We discussed that internally and had this in the table but left it that way.


@TS.ChrisR would be nice if a search could be implemented again. And if your Architecture is not designed to request as much information as in the old client, you could add the search functionality to the server. But as this would (I guess) require some refactoring this gotta wait for an at least somewhat finished client.

Yes. This is a topic (related to ban list) we have on the table.


I may sugest if you wish to leave ban list as it is , new function which will be shown after going to BanList which will show new list by sorting filter.

Text Field with Button under GetNewList.

Anyway good to know you have it on table :wink: