Beta signup

Beta signup is open again! If you want to test-drive the upcoming TeamSpeak Client, then head over to and add your name to the waiting list.

We hope to hear you soon!


Some questions I’d like to ask:

How long will you be able to sign up for the closed beta?
When will those, who signed up for it, get their beta keys?
Are you guys going to change the way of handing out the keys differently, or will some users get 1-10 beta keys via E-Mail, as they did back then when the closed beta launched?

Many thanks.


I have registered, I hope that this time you will invite me to your “beta team” “


We have had a few questions raised on the forums and our social media surrounding the new beta registration period. Here is a quick rundown of the questions with some answers:

When will beta emails begin to be sent out?

As soon as possible.

How long will you be able to sign up for for the closed beta?

At the moment this is indefinite, however should we wish to end this we will do our best to inform you that time is running out to sign up for this.

How long will it take to send all of these out?

This will depend on how many registrations we receive and how many users we want to join at one time so we can thoroughly test this, so realistically this will be a staggered roll out.

Is there a cap on beta entrants?

At the moment there is not, but if this should change, we will let everyone know.

If I have already redeemed a badge, can I register again on the same email?

No, but we will send additional codes to our existing testers too. (This is still to be determined and I’ll update this when I learn more about this).

How many codes will everyone receive?

This is to be determined, once I receive an update, I will let everyone know.

Will my original beta registration codes work now?

No these still will not work as they have expired, I am afraid.

Can’t login via X method, what to do?

Currently we are aware of the Mac/IOS issues and will fix these as quickly as possible so you can sign up. If you can, please use Chrome or Firefox at this time to make sure that you are signed up.

Update: We’ve added a fix so this should be working now. Some users have reported however that when they attempt to type their login details in the text isn’t showing properly (so it looks like you’re not typing anything in). I’ve passed this feedback on to the relevant department to review further).

Is there another way to gain beta access currently?

Not at this time so please don’t ask the Support team or DM the social media teams about beta codes as they will just refer you back to this forum post for updates.

We’re a large community looking to migrate over to TeamSpeak. Am I ok to sign up and then gain codes for my community, or should I ask my community to individually sign up?

Please ask your members to individually sign up for this to make sure that they don’t miss out.

I registered for the beta originally, however I never received my key/I never redeemed my key. Do I need to register again?

Yes you will need to register again as all of the original codes have expired.

I already have access to the beta. I reformatted my PC/Uninstalled the beta, where can I gain access to this again?

Please visit, sign in using your myTS details and it should take you back to the installer :slight_smile:

My TS5/beta server doesn’t seem to be working now. Can you fix this?

The free servers associated with the TS5 Beta program are currently offline. In the future, it may be possible to set up free servers again. (When I find more details on this, I’ll update this).

I managed to register for the beta a few days ago. When I’ve tried doing this again, the “signed up” message isn’t showing and is allowing me to register again? Did I definitely sign up? Have I signed up more than once?

As long as you saw the “You’re on the waiting list” message when you did this, you are 100% on the list for beta access when we start to send these out. If you register more than once due to this issue, duplications will not be entered into the list, however if you want to be 100% safe to ensure you’re in this, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t do this to be on the safe side.

I’ve gone on to the website and entered my myTeamSpeak details to login, however the “logging in” screen keeps spinning and I’m stuck. What can I do?

I would recommend trying to use a different device/browser first just to see if that’s the issue (double check your firewall/ISP isn’t interfering). Option B) You might be possibly hitting a cached version of the site so potentially cleaning your cache and cookies might help here too. Some users reported that if they logged into first and then tried again, then it worked normally. Some users also reported that they entered the incorrect details which caused the “logging in” scenario to occur. Entering the correct details then worked normally.

When I receive updates on any of these questions, I’ll edit this post to keep everyone informed.

Stay safe everyone


Are you going to give the “Alpha Tester” badges or old Beta Tester?


How soon will they send the codes?


I can’t log in on the beta page. I’m logged in everywhere else though…


These are two separate things. The beta badge is essentially your beta access to the new client so you are able to test the new client. I don’t look after the Alpha tester side of things, however the Alpha badge is granted to a select few individuals who test updates before they go to live to the beta client.


Once I know more I’ll update this section.


I’m not sure how you’re attempting to register, but this is what we know so far in relation to this.


Hey thanks for the amazing work, I hope you can create a great community out of this, you all deserve awesome things!!


I was able to sign-up to the beta but i noticed this a few months back but didnt know if it was something new, I too had the same problem and the way i fixed it was to reset my password everytime i had to log into my account. It seems annoying to have to do that everytime, so is there gonna be a fix for this issue?

FireShot Capture 196 - TeamSpeak Content Portal - Login -|690x336


Thanks, that was ios safari client :slight_smile:


i like your idea :smiley:


It would be great :wink:


If we get into the beta would we get the files to host our own ts5 servers?


Thanks :slight_smile:


There is no TS5 server. TS5 is the client and you can use it with your regular TS server.


Most likely, he meant the servers that allowed the TS5 testers to create for 10 slots


Okay I don’t know about them. I never used the free server feature.

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