Bookmarks not staying open

Hi there, i am adding this to ask of how can i fix my team speak so if get previded a password on one server im joining? how can i book mark it where it keeps connect with no issues? as at the min i am connecting to it the 1st time, then bookmark it as so password is like an perminate one? and then it does not connect as keeps asking me for the password everytime. so book mark fails. if connect like as 1st time that works. how can i fix that please?

thank you

I just tested it and everything works fine for me, are you sure you saved the password in bookmars and are you sure you saved the correct password?

yeah as i am joining the WorldwideRP server for roleplay on game on GTA V with Five M. and password they preducing me is right as connects but if bookmark it that temp password becomes perminate then. but when hit on bookmark to connect. boom it dont work :frowning:

Probably that server has its own login protection so that they can confirm that a real player is logging in and not some bot.

no worries thank you :slight_smile:

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