Brand New Mobile Apps

All new TeamSpeak mobile apps for both Android and iOS, featuring on the go access to your text chat and voice servers.


Can you release some pics?


Exciting :smiley:

Is Apple Watch Support planed?


text chat server :question:

Will there be text only servers in the future?
Or will servers support a text system without actually being connected with VOIP?
(e.g. full screen text box without the server/channel tree)

@FakE , TS5 supports text chat directly with contacts or in groups through you teamspeak account login without needing to connect to a TS3 voice server. I think the plan is for the new mobile clients to also support this.


If it won’t support this there’s no need for a new client then😂


Yes, I know.

I was focused on this announcement: Public Chat System

hype hype hype x)

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Nice it, testflight link to us for testing.

need to buy new app for this update?

Hey, would be nice to know if the users that already bought the TeamSpeak 3 Client will have to buy again the new client or not. :wink:


I’m pretty sure the new client is free. If you have to buy for the app, they can’t compete to discord and other services.

I think its no problem if it’s not free.
IF the price is cheap :smiley:
For example like ts3 android version , not a big deal. :smiley:

I agree, i didn’t have a problem either with the price. It was jsut a question, i am not really bothered if i have to pay the same price for the new client, but who would say no if it was free or get a discount :wink:

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