Bug and issue on Teamspeak 5 beta

Hi, I don’t know if someone else have the same bug and issues. Sorry in advance if it have been already posted.
First I have a bug with the status I have try to put me on offline but it’s impossible to go back on online or idle or busy ( the status for me are on the bottom left ), I have already try to disconnect / connect, turn off the teamspeak beta software and no change I’m still offline.

The second issue is the sound if I go in a channel where everyone is muted ( I have a idle channel where people can go and the channel mute people automaticly ) and I go back to a channel where I can talk I have no sound, People hear me but I can’t hear them I have to go to option choose another audio output and go choose back the output device I use.

Sorry for my english and bad sentences I’m french.

hello. This is NOT the thread for bugs. please follow these instructions. Cheers.

This section is for suggestions and feedback for the all-new TeamSpeak client. If you have a bug then email [email protected] or click ‘Help & Support’ in the bottom right to open a ticket directly to our support system.

Thank you