[BUG] incorrect image sendability

With the latest beta update beta-76 you can now send images to channel chats of the new non-public server version f682a1ad. These servers though seem to work differently from previous TeamSpeak 5 server versions.
This however also introduces the image selection button to the channel chat of old TeamSpeak 3 servers.
When trying to send an image to such an older server, it will not work, but you will receive an error.

Seeing how previous TeamSpeak client versions would not allow you even to select images I would classify this as a bug or at the least unwanted behavior.


This is a ticket.


And will this be solved by removing the button again or will users be able to send files on TS3 servers as well through myTS?

Removing the button is not suggested.


Hey there, I couldnt find answer for this so I decided to ask on forum:
I am using TS5 client with rich text editor (some addon, dont remember excatly the name)
Server is TS3
I have option like this:
When i try to send image via this option in chat I get an error:

I can upload files to server in option “Browse files”, but this one is not working.
Is not implemented yet or i need some extra permissions?
Any help is appreciated :blush:

The button exists because of the new TS5 servers which offer a TS3 chat where you can also upload images.

This is already a ticket

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