[bug] No Feedback when banning disconnected user


When banning a user from the new ts5 and the user disconnects while the “ban popup window” is open, you can speak out the ban but NO BAN is created.
There is also no error or message that the Ban was not created, which can give a false sense of security.


You are right. I will forward it to the developers.


Beta version 54 will create 2 (or 3 when user had a myTS ID) separate bans when user did disconnect already.


Known other bug: When user had no myTS ID then the client gets an error. The bans are created but there is still something wrong.


very cool this has been fixed, but I have one more question…

may I get a bug catcher badge :point_right::point_left:? afaik I was the first to make a thread on it.

if not, that’s also ok.

They have never sent this Badge out because there are many obvious Bugs and it is a hustle to give it to everyone who found a bug.

oh ok. thx for the info