[Bug] Teamspeak Server crashes when /dev/shm gets cleared

Hello Guys,
ŵe found following bug:

  • a ts-server runned by the user “ts3”
  • a (sudo) screen (running any program, doesn’t matter which) runned by the user “ts3”
    when the screen exits, the ts-server crashes.

My theorie is, that when the screen exit’s the IPC gets cleared and then the ts-server is trying to access the IPC, can’t and crashes.


  1. Make the screen a non-login-shell (then the IPC doesn’t get cleared)
  2. add “RemoveIPC=no” to “/etc/systemd/logind.conf” (RemoveIPC=yes is systemd default)

The actual fix for the Bug must be done in the source code:
3. just don’t close the filehandle to the IPC-Files then the IPC files can’t be deleted by the “RemoveIPC=yes”-option.

We saw the ticket for this before BUT we are not sure if users are supposed to clear that folder at all and expect then that software that uses these for shared memory runs as before.

Sure a crash is not good but ripping out a part of something that is still running …hmmm…

(me not a linux pro)