[Bug]TS5 Connection not possible if Heaset switches Bluetooth to Wireless-Mode

Client-Version: 5.0.0-beta68.1

I’m using an GSP670 with an Bluetooth and Wireless-Mode. Wireless in this case meants connection via dongle. Since my PC has a far longer range with Bluetooth in comparison to the dongle, I most of the time use Bluetooth for calls if i have to leave my PC. But since the Wireless-Mode(dongle) has a way better sound quality I prefer this mode sitting in front of my PC.

With an open TS5-Client and in Bluetooth-Mode, a connection can be done normaly. But open the Client while in Bluetooth-Mode without connecting and than swapping to Wireless-Mode(dongle) and try to connect to any server results in an endless loading screen. I’m forced to restart the Client and try to connect again.


  1. Connecting Headset via Bluetooth.
  2. Start the TS5-Client
  3. Switch the Headset from Bluetooth-Mode to Dongle connection(Waiting until this is done)
  4. Try to connect

Since my TS5-Client uses as Out/Input the “Default Device” Option maybe the swapp between devices while no connection is done causes the Issue.