Can not see any custom icon on iOS

TeamSpeak   v3.5.4.1483 [5111be98]
iOS         13.4.1
            13.x    (and below)

Noticable since the beginning of 2020 (not exactly sure about that).


Images missing in the channel description are loaded via. ts3image.

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Just an update to the current build.

Still no icons being displayed.
(see the client errors above)

Syncing with myTeamSpeak works however.
Reinstalling the app doesn’t resolve the client errors.

The version displayed in the UI seems to be different to the logs.

Can you please upload one of the icons you can not see?

I moved your posts out of the Android topic. The problem you have can not be the same since the clients are using total different code.


Sure, there you go.

These icons are all SVGs.
The iOS client does not support the SVG format (not this and not last years etc.) and this is why we also deliver the non custom icons as png files in the client.

We recommend for mobile clients (includes Android) to use PNG or JPG for icons.


Alright. Didn’t know about that.


Images (PNG) loaded in via. ts3image tag will not show up in channel descriptions.

016-legal-paper 017-right-arrow placeholder 018-tap 019-heart-1

(a little hard to see)


(channel ID is correct)

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