Can not whisper when i have more than 65 targets

Hi all

I currently have my own server on which I have created many channels. I want to be able to whisper all these channels at the same time but as soon as I exceed 65 channels in my list, I can no longer whisp. As soon as I’m at 64, I get there. I looked through all the documentation and all the permissions, but I don’t have anything blocking it. Currently I have 70 channels and I can only whisper 65 maximum.

I am currently on client version: 3.6.2/ Qt: 5.15.2
Server Version: 3.13.7

Thanks for your help!

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The limit is the amount of users you are whispering too.

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Thanks for your answer but we already set it up to 200 but i can’t whisp more than 65 channels. It’s not working. I buy a licence for 256 slots.

You mentioned your license and slots. But I’m not meaning slots on server.

There is a setting for silence, when 1 user could talk or whisper to X users.
And X is 100 by default server settings.

This setting is only shown in advanced server edit dialog.

It’s under the 6th tab of server settings. Below the complaints settings.

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Yeah i see what you mean but it doesnt work. I’ve changed Min clients in channel before silence up to 200 but i can’t whisp more than 65 again.

Ok. Looks good.

Do you see how many users are in these channels?

I will ask a developer tomorrow but I’m sure that’s the only limitation we got.

Kind off-topic:
If there is such limit, then this may not change. Whispering was made to whisper to a group of users and not a whole server.

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Actually i have more than 70 channels to whisp with more than 200 users.

Did you raise that value to 256?

Asking because you showed 200 on the screenshot, but you also wrote there are more than 200 targets.
In that case you can’t whisper to anyone, as long your whisper would reach more than 200.

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I have setup 256. But it change nothing for me, can’t whisp more than 65.

All the time, when you setup a whisper target and when u click on the hotkey, you hear the “no whisper target find” (only in case your whisp is set up and no one are on the channel).

But when i have more than 65, i do not hear this vocal alert.
For exemple, on this screenshot:

All: do not function
Live TV only: ok
Safety car: ok
Pilotes only: ok

Does it change anything, when you whisper to Server Groups or Channel groups instead.
From client setup this would be more effective anyway.


I think @TS_Chris mentioned tonight that there may be a limit on channels. Would it be possible to set up the whisper to target server groups instead of channels?

Hmmm okay so i have to setup a specific default roles like “pilot” and set my whisp on pilot ?

Never heard of that and 65 would be a strange number. :person_shrugging:
Will clarify this tomorrow.

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Also if you really want to whisper to all, can’t you simply target All Clients in All Channels?

Yeah i will do this, thank for your help guys !

After reading your bigger reply again, this looks like a limit a whisperlist can have.
This would explain why you do not get the error at all.

If this stays like that after you only set 1 target as @Gamer92000 showed then there must be some kind of limit (I never heard of. Need to clarify with dev).

But if that works, then whisperlists are limited to 65 individual targets (need to clarify with dev).

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I talked to our developer.

There is a limit how many individual targets (IDs) a whisper list can have. That’s limited because else a package filled with target’s ID becomes to big to be send.

In your case you may use groups as target (as mentioned).
Or you can place your channels as sub channel and whisper to a channel family instead by targeting the parent channel.

Split topic to own topic again.