Can´t connect to specific TS3 Server with umlauts in doamin

Hey everyone,

using the new TS-Client i encountered a problem, where i´m unable to connect to one specific TS3 server. It´s the only sserver i encountered the problem so far. The hostname contains soe “ü”, but since i´m unable to connect to it´s IP either i don´t think it´s the cause for this problem.

Sadly I wasn´t able to find any option to enable logging for the new TS client. If you need any further information to troubleshoot this, pls let me know

Please post the ts5client log

Yep can reproduce this issue.
You may use a server nickname or IP till this got fixed.

Same should happen in TS3 already.

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Hey. The strange thing is, that in TS3 its working fine with the DNS Name and the IP. On TS5 none of the two work.

Can you tell e where to find it? I can´t manage to find it on my own

For Windows

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