Cannot hear anyone, but can be heard?


Been using TS3 for a while and tonight I logged in and though I could hear the game and people could apparently hear me, I could not hear anyone. What happened? Did I click something I shouldn’t have?


Seriously - I’ve deleted and reinstalled TS3, including ID and saved info and nothing changes. I can talk and hear on Discord using the same headset, so it’s not the headset. People have confirmed they can hear me talking, but have to type in chat boxes to respond.

Are you using a bluetooth headset by any chance?

I am not. Cabled headset.

Could you check whether you set the same default and default communication device?

I have the following options:
D55-D2 (Nvidia High Definition Audio)
Speakers (USB Audio Device)
Headphones (Oculus Virtual Audio Device)
Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio)

It does not matter which one I am on. I cannot hear anything.

On a side note - it doesn’t matter what sound source I use, presently. TeamSpeak does not play sound/voices anywhere I click.

That’s sounds like you restored your application settings using myTeamSpeak sync.

Is it possible you changed your playback settings?
Did you check those in the first place?

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My Playback Device was incorrect. I have since fixed it. Thank you for the assistance!!


I’ve noticed a few updates ago TeamSpeak/Windows starts to assign a different device name to devices being plugged out and back in.

Thus TeamSpeak can’t find your previous selected and configurated device.
That’s very annoying especially if you’re using hotkeys for different recording/playback devices.

Just as side note…

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