Cannot switch between servers in compact mode

Title says it all. Switching between servers in compact mode isn’t working (on my end).

Maybe I’ve missed something - BUT - when I select a different server on the drop down menu at the top nothing happens.

Looks good here on Beta 25.

To switch a server in that mode you click on the Name (left to the AFK & Mute icons) and then select what server should be shown.

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While true, I said compact mode. In normal size it works as intended.

I mean the same mode.

I can reproduce it (with a small chance) when i try to switch the server from the search bar but opened the current server from the server tab on main window.

But most of my time it works as it should.

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I honestly expect it to work. Not most of the time - anyway. Wait, what? I don’t expect having to resize every time I want to switch the server shown in my window. - Sorry, just wanting to see if we’re not completely misunderstanding each other here.

As said it works here and i need to spam to trigger it.
What i could reproduce is what i make a ticket for our devs.

I don’t have to. It works on second or third click (when i triggered it)
Sorry can not reproduce that for now.

I mean this


Alrighty then, seems like that does work, and works as you said. Also very strange still, I also now get what you mean by it doing it normally now and then but also having to doubleclick the odd time. Welp, still has ways to go. Thank you.

“Doing it normally”? How are you doing it then?

Hereby, just clicking it once should do the trick. Not clicking multiple times then once then double again.

Edit: I’m talking about consistency. Do it one way, or another. But do it one way, not randomly.

That is exactly what i do in my attached GIF

It’s not what we build in and what i can not reproduce at this point.

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