Can't change the security level on iOS


Can someone help me. I can’t change my security level. I don’t know why but they think I am a robot :frowning: Please can someone give me the golden answer

You’ll need to provide more information, like how high is your level, how much is required by the server and what exactly the problem is.

23 levels high

And how much do you need?

I am 9 and I must be 23

Press CTRL + I and then go to advanced

and then improve and then select 23 as Requested Security Level

I can’t get this screen on my phone… and my MacBook don’t like the app ;/. That is why i am downloading this app on my phone

Have you iOS or Android?

On iOS, you can’t increase the security level in the app.

So either on the PC or Android.

If the app crashes on MacOS, you’ll need to use this version:

But on the phone:

and then click on your identity and click improve

can only show android. not sure, if ios is much different

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I have IOS (Apple)

Then you cant increase or change your Security Level. :frowning:

Please download the TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.5.7 linked above by @LeonMarcelHD that will fix the crash