Can't connect to a certain teamspeak server

I can’t connect to one certain server, it’s telling me “Failed to connect to server”.
I tried connecting to the IP adress and the network, neither are working.
I can join any other teamspeak server just fine, I tried dnsflush, restarting PC and reinstalling teamspeak.
Other people can join the server just fine.

I have a log here. 19-4-2020 12:04:16 ClientUI Info Connect to server: 19-4-2020 12: -
Help would really be appreciated.
Edit: Wrong pastebin.

I have absolutely no idea what fixed it, but I can connect to the server again.
Topic can be closed. (If that is something that happens here)

Ok nice to hear that your Problem is solved.
If you have any other Questions feel free to ask here on forum. :slight_smile:
Or write directly to the TeamSpeak Support.

Have a nice day. :slight_smile: