Cant use my twitch integration properly

I cant use my permission as twitch subscriber on a serve, what can I do?

Integration with Twitch has no reason right now AFAIK.

Additionally, what do you mean by ”your permission”?

On Rainbow6itacom server I can use my twitch integration to use some private room but TS keep telling me that I dont have sufficient permission

If you’re just a user on that server, contact server support. If you’re server admin, sorry, you need to wait, can’t help you…

How can I contact server support?


I don’t know, maybe via their site? Or search some contact info on server? Or send some admin on there a message?

//sarcasm end

Do you really have no idea? Gee…

Could you utilise the integration before? Do other people encounter the same problem? Did you follow/subscribe just recently? If the last is the case, it might take a while to synchronise your TwitchTV channel status with the TeamSpeak server.

In any case, this is, if it even is an issue, (probably) not a TeamSpeak issue, but rather a problem with the server setup. Your best bet would be to contact Rainbow6ItaCom staff via any of their social platforms, for example their TeamSpeak server, or their Discord server.

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