Change Query login username


I am trying to connect to a TS server using the queries
However, I cannot log in, it tells me that the user / password combination is incorrect.

I have a special character in my username and I think the problem is there.

Is it possible to change it?
I can’t change it, I have the following message:
User name change failed

The server query uses special query accounts.
There is the serveradmin account and the guest account.
The password for the serveradmin is given to you upon the first start of a server.
The guest account can be used without any password.
If you created your own query account via the ServerQuery Login button of the Tools menu in TeamSpeak 3 you can just create another account through the same same menu and once connected to the query delete the old account granted the account used has the right permissions.

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Thanks you very much.

Small info to this.
It’s not an account that’s added here. It’s login data added to your existing client database entry.
When you create a new login then it will be replaced with then new data.


Well I did not know that.
You never stop learning.

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