Change Teamspeak default port so that users don't notice the change

Hello folks,

I would like to change the standard port of my Teamspeak server, but so that none of my users notice or they do not have to explicitly specify the new port. I have access to DNS settings on my provider. Is this possible?

Our Teamspeak server can be reached via / and via Teamspeak DNS.

Yes, this is possible!
The easiest solution is using an SRV record. SRV records are spiced-up CNAME records. They return not only the domain with the correct A (or AAAA) record but also the port.
So assuming you have the domain with an A record pointing to the IP where the TeamSpeak server can be reached on port 9999.
You can then simply add the SRV record with the target domain set to and the target port set to 9999. This will allow users to connect using and the port specified.
For you can do the same but name the SRV record The target domain can either be or

There are also a lot of tutorials specifically for TeamSpeak SRV records, specifically for your domain’s DNS provider.
Also, check this out:

Alternatively not exactly what you are asking for, but you can also use the TeamSpeak server nickname feature. To quote myself: