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Would it be possible to increase the channel description size, currently it’s only 8192 (8kB).
Channel description should be used to describe the channel, hence the name, even though it’s used for a lot of other stuff. In my case it’s TeamSpeak bots - they use channel descriptions as a place to show some kind of statistics or other information where 8kB might not be sufficient.

I would suggest increase to 32 or even 64kB.
Or at least if it could be customizable per server.

Thanks in advance.

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(If you disagree, you’d be very kind to add a reason to it)

Can we please get some statement here?? Thanks

If there is anything to say about this, there will be a reply to this.
However 8k is plenty of text and should really suffice. What kind of stuff do you expect people to read that does not fit into 8k?
If you absolutely must, you can always generate an image and put that in the channel description in the meantime.

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Yes. creating an image is possible, indeed. But it’s a bit more complicated for dynamically changing data. Especially with the current TS image caching system (hopefully will change in the future).

And for the “plenty text” well… the text itself isn’t much of a problem, rather the BB code that counts into that. Look at the image below, as you can see there is a minimum amount of text to read, but the BB code behind it, table tr th td takes hundreds up to thousands of character space.

And I’m not asking to make it by default 10 times bigger, but at least configurable.

PS: this is just an example

This isn’t something that can easily be customizable, as the description is stored in the database of the server, which has a finite amount of text that can fit, which is currently 8k.
Not customizable as that would require the database to be able to store as much as the largest channel description in the entire instance. It would also likely have performance impacts for little to no gain.


Thanks for sparing some thoughts on this.

Indeed if we talk about the VARCHAR data type. What about changing it to TEXT? And for the safety precautions configure e.g. maxlen validator over it?

For this concern I wouldn’t worry much in our scenario… From the personal experience we maintained the whole company asset in postgres db. This single table consisted of almost 300k rows where back in the day the file attachments were stored as bytes into the DB. We haven’t noticed nor get reported any performance issues with it - and it was used by approximately 30 people on daily basics (TS allows 512 clients top but still it should be far from safe).

Another fact for your concern is that just changing channel description to be TEXT doesn’t have any performance impact. That comes once the instance maintainer will make use of it.

From the another angle it doesn’t mean all the instance channels will suddenly be populated with tons of data… and if even so that it is not teamspeak fault that it allowed but the maintainer’s…

Anyway as one software architect to another I don’t see any potential caveats with this request. Having it would help a lot and not just in our scenario. Thanks

BTW there is a voting for this request… and kinda disappointing to hear that 21 regular visitor agreeing with the request is not worth any comment from the staff.

So? are gonna make some progress here please?

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