Channel Groups

I’m thinking of creating different channel ranks (Channel Admin & Channel User). How can I make it so anyone with Channel Admin can add/remove from Channel User from anyone only in the specific channel they’re admin in?

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That’s the default usage of channel groups.A channel admin can make other perople in the channel voice, operators or other channel groups!


so that a channel admin can remove a channel guest from a channel, the following must be done:

First create a “channel admin” group and a e.g. “channel guest” group. Now you have to give the channel admin rank the power “i_client_kick_from_channel_power”. The values ​​must of course be adjusted if necessary. If you give a client the channel admin group in a specific channel and another client joint in this channel, the channel admin can kick the client from the channel (if the client to be kicked has a lower “i_client_needed_kick_from_chanel_power”).

Or did you mean how it works that the channel admin rank can add / remove channel ranks in a specific channels?

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