Chat Improvements

  • Chat invite messages
  • “is typing” notifications
  • Spoiler tags
    and various other chat improvements

Offline chat messaging has very weird flow.

  1. Person A are connected to the same server like me.
  2. Added Person A to friends, he accepted
  3. Opened chat via server with this player
  4. Person A go offline

Already : I cannot write message to this person
Should be : message should be sent via myTeamSpeak server (I have this person on friends list)
I know that I can write to him from contact list but it should be paired and redirected from local server messaging

Second scenario:

  1. Person A are connected to the same server like me
  2. I have not this person in friend list
  3. Person A go offline
  4. Want to write to Person A

Already : nothing to do… go cry
Should be :

  • If person has myTeamSpeak account and I have myTeamSpeak account then offline message should be sent via myTeamSpeak with information about source TS server
  • Otherwise – sent message via offline messaging system of teamspeak server instance like in TS3

Note that offline server messages should have notification after connect on server! On TS3 was only small icon, it is not good notification…


I have some suggestions for chat design here.
For this purpose I worked with my sick image manipulation skills on an actual chat history (picture left) to show how I could imagine a chat history to look like (picture right).

I start in the chat history above:
If you are currently posting a YouTube link, the link will first be displayed in a chat box and below it the embedded video will be shown. You might get the impression that these are two different links, so why not put the embedded video directly into the chat box under the link?

Next to the message from ringeL:
ringeL only sent me one message. His name, the date and the time are shown as a headline above the chat box. In this case I have nothing to complain about. It only becomes strange when several messages are sent in succession, as in the example of the two messages that I sent afterwards:
Message number one gets a headline in the format name date time (You last Friday at 3:20 AM). The following message no longer receives this headline. This design is known from some other messengers, but is implemented strangely in its current state. The problem here is that the second message I sent was not sent at 3:20 AM, as the headline would suggest, but at 3:21 AM. I only see that time when I hover the mouse over the message box.
So when I read “You last Friday at 3:20 AM”, I expect ALL the following messages to be received or sent at exactly that time.
In the current design, my message should actually be given a new headline in order to maintain consistency.
That’s why I tried to solve the whole problem in the picture on the right by simply omitting the date and putting the time in the message box at the bottom right. The date could then simply be written on a kind of dividing line, from which it can then be seen that all messages from this separation come from that day. When scrolling through the chat history there could be a small floating box at the top of the chat window, which shows the date for the current section (as I tried to show in the picture on the top right).

My design decisions that I give in the picture on the right of course come from an app that is widely known and has made this chat bubble system popular. but why not use something that is already known and used by many. I mean you are trying to adapt this design somehow but in my opinion it just isn’t really good in the current state.
My approach is not intended to be the one solution, but should simply encourage you to think again about the current design decisions, because I believe that there is still some room for improvement. :slightly_smiling_face:


Would be amazing the “quote” option.
I mean, right click on the received message, then “quote”.


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