Chat Moderation Tools

Group Chat reporting and moderation tools, for text and images.


Does this concern the channel chat or the private group chat? If it’s the latter, then I don’t see why this would be useful or prioritized over a ban list and/or a complaints list for example. Please enlighten me.

This concerns the new group chats which use the myTeamSpeak “cloud” infrastructure.

They are separate from the TeamSpeak servers and therefore can’t use any of the TeamSpeak server’s existing moderation tools.

The TeamSpeak server is not aware that group chats even exist.

That’s why they have to build new moderation tools from scratch and they will be custom tailored to the new group chats, which hopefully makes them better than the “moderation tools” the TeamSpeak server uses.

Banning someone or filing complaints in TeamSpeak 3 doesn’t remove problematic content from channel chats. The old server based chat system present in TeamSpeak 3 (and 5) doesn’t provide a mechanism to withdraw text which has already been distributed to connected clients. The group chat system probably will.

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