Client won't open

I am pretty sure the -safemode should have worked. The files you provided show plugins being loaded and the log ends just after the ChannelWatcher_win64.dll plugin gets loaded. I don’t have the time right now to fully check if it’s the culprit here, but I strongly believe so. So either try starting with safemode again or remove that plugin for now.

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This still didn’t work. I’m not even getting a crash report this time.

Plugins can cause a crash, remove all plugins or the last ones you installed and try again.

As @Gamer92000 said, the crash occurred after loading “ChannelWatcher_win64.dll”
Try to delete that plugin.

2023-07-30 21:34:24.261535|INFO |Plugins | |Loading plugin: ChannelWatcher_win64.dll 2023-07-30 21:34:24.428975| |KeyBindings | |Default monitoring disabled

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So I don’t remember installing all these (excluding the Codewatcher, I already got rid of that one.) Just uninstall all these??

Well some of them are “official” from TeamSpeak but for testing you could just rename the plugin directory.

@opZ1ca @Gamer92000 Thank you guys for your help. I was able to restore my TS. Once again thanks for the help. Greatly appreciated!