Clients not sorting

I have 5 ranks that are not sorting in channel properly

The names are and talk powers are:
Trial Moderator- 10
Moderator- 11
Admin- 12
Senior Admin- 13

But they are sorting like this

How do I fix this?

Additional Info: The server group is the flame icon is the base Guest Icon
The Teamspeak eyes is channel overseer and it is in the correct position

Every other tag is sorting correctly, mostly

Please help thank you!

These are the permissions for each group including the guest group


Trial Moderator-



Senior Admin-

In the picture I included in the post, 1, 2, 3, and 4 (from the top, including me) are sorting correctly

Please do not check the groups. Check the user’s current talk power in the channel. And then check the groups.

Make a right click on a user in the channel where it is not working and then select permissions (overview).
There you enter client_ta into the filter and and at the bottom you see the real value.
Above you see where the permission is coming from.

None of the groups do skip channel or channel group permissions and this why this can happen.