Clients say "Failed to connect to server"? Update your server!

A bunch of the people connecting to my server were getting “Failed to connect to server”. Upgrading my server to the latest release seemed to have fixed it. Thought I’d share the info as there’s a lot of threads about this.

sry m8, i think this is unnecessary :thinking:
i think this is clear the most of server owner :slight_smile:
becouse it is worth keeping up to date your servers and clients :wink: :ok_hand:
and you can see in the change log the important information about client and server.
new versions
old versions
most of the time the problem is users are not updating their client or the server hasn’t been updated for a long time (of course only if they are neglected)
fortunately, the error message usually says that the server or client needs to be updated to connect
hope the information was helpful :smiley:

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