Closed Beta and the current "situation"

Ok! I realize, this is a big one and that this is a particularly sensitive subject but maybe…

I have developed one or two lines of code in my past myself and I totally understand the reasoning and motivation behind a closed beta. However - I believe in the current “situation” you should maybe rethink that decision.

In most regions of the world, people are forced to stay at home at the moment and it appears that this might not change in the near future. A lot of people I know, who have never used either discord or teamspeak (or any other alike) in the past because they are not part of any gaming community, have started using this kind of software now to spend time with their friends while “grounded”.
Most of them now started using discord primarily because of the more modern UI and appearance to a point where now it’s more of a group pressure - thing to use discord because all of the other people are using that already. Most of them do not care that much about all the functionality in the background besides a means of voice and text chat.
I think from a feature-set perspective the new teamspeak client would satisfy most of the casual users needs and right now teamspeak is kind of driving potential users towards other services for reasons i cannot follow.

I do understand, that not everything is implemented and that there are bugs in the client and stuff thats not working as supposed - but most of the people who have never used the ts3 client in the past would not even know whats missing.

So, in conclusion… please rethink that “closed” in “closed beta”. Maybe it is not already too late for these people.

(if this has been discussed already, my bad - i didn’t find anything)

You guys are doing a great job nonetheless! Thanks!

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Hello FanHi,

I think that’s a great idea, at the moment there are A LOT of people searching for voice services. Question is if the teamspeak dev is ready to mark it as an open beta, or maybe at least enlarge the number of closed beta attendees.
A problem could be that this could backfire as well depending on how well the client works at the moment, if it has a lot of bugs it might have a rather bad effect on the community.

I guess only the dev can really decide what the best decision is, but I think it’s a great idea and should be considered!


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i think open beta is still far, many function is not implemented and fixed yet …

Yeah, I totally agree with both of you!
In the end it’s the devs who need to make this decision and need to feel confident about it.

I just wanted to bring up the thought because it seems like a unique situation for all of us and the devs probably did not do their schedule with this in mind.