Comment avoir accès à la bêta de Teamspeak 5?

Bonjour , comme vous le voyez dans le titre , je voulais savoir comment rentrer dans le programme bêta de Teamspeak 5?

Merci d’avance.


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Hey, first of all have a look at the following thread. The main forum language is english.

As about your issue, currently there is no way to get access to the beta client.


Salut! Nous parle anglais!
Oh… we’re talking english here…!

  • There’s no way to access the beta client now. There will be a second beta registration (as I heard it) but I cannot confirm it by myself. And the date will be vanished as well.
  • The beta client does not receive any small updates for the next time. There may is going to be more informations released soon.