Connection Info - Bug

When on TeamSpeak 5, some users’ connection info (ping, idle time, etc) is unavailable. I’ve tried it on TeamSpeak 3 and it works just fine. Below is an image of the issue I’m facing. It seems to impact people randomly, I have no idea how I can replicate it.


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Which client version of TeamSpeak 5 do you have?

We had such report before but could not yet identify why or when it happens.

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It’s very strange, I think it might be to do with channels that you can’t see who is in them unless you have the password or are a channel user+

Good catch.

This seem to happen when user comes from an unsubscribed channel (no matter if any password is set anywhere) and then you open the connection info.


For me, it happened when I was disconnected from the server several times due to internet problems. Then it connected me automatically, and when I checked the information about the connection, I had the above screen.
And this is from earlier versions

That’s not the same issue even if it looks like :slight_smile:

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Ahh, sorry to mislead you.

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