Connection to Server doesnt work

recently i moved to a new apartment and my internet connection is now part of a student hall of residence. Since them, Teamspeak and other Programms like Discord, or Riot cant connect to their Servers. In Teamspeak i cant even connect to the Public Server. Browser like Opera or Google Chrome work fine. I did a Speedtest and the connection is better than my old one. My neighbours can use teamspeak so it shouldnt be a problem of the internet. After trying toons of stuff, I formated windows and cleaned everything but its still not working. Can it be something with the new internet router? Its a TP-LINK Router (Model Nr.: TP-WR841N). Or do you have any other suggestions? Thank you very much for the help.

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Sounds like something is blocking your ports - I’d talk nicely to whoever runs the network and see if there’s anything you can do. You might have luck with some kind of VPN (or that might be blocked too…)


I thougt something similar but the support of the residence told me it should work and they cant help me more until Monday… VPN gets blocked too. I just realised that i cant enter the Routers Webinterface, can this be a problem of blocked ports too?

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If there is provider data with a username and password, then reset the router to the factory settings, and configure the router by creating a connection of the type that you use either PPoE or L2TP, and then check the availability of resources. There is a suspicion that the router is blocking.