Counterfeit service Teamspeak See admin

This is a new service
Under your supervision
And if not, it has
It sells licenses
And everyone is using it
Please tell …
Now the licenses
Its $ 69 active license is unlimited
Take a look and see why this is so.
Block please in the new version

When you buy an active license
It has the ability to connect all versions
It’s like the teamspeak itself
Admin in your opinion
No problem?
Complain that there are many
Buy a license
From your company
And many others from that company
Take care !!!

Yes, this is a problem. Serious problem.

But, since it’s still usable and available then it means that going into legal action would be difficult and maybe impossible to win. And any other changes, such as changes to client so that TS can’t connect to such servers can be difficult to implement or might need serious investments.

Also, as people were, are and will be greedy, if one service like this collapses, another will rise. This is how it is and any fight against may result in nothing.

This photo proves what I said

In that case please send mail here.

This link will open up email client. If you do not have such, email is [email protected].

Send them anything that might help.

@TS.ChrisR, @Adam, I think that topic can be closed, just as previous one.

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