Teamspeak Version 3.5.6

My primary display is 2560x1440 and I run it at 125% scaling. My second monitor is 1920x1080 and that runs at 100% scaling. If I move the client info from one monitor to the other via dragging, it glitches out when in-between both screens, which then results in my client crashing. I tried putting both monitors to 125% and 100% and this issue doesn’t occur.

Hey @Haydspalms
Please upload your crash dump somewhere and send it into this thread.

On Windows you will find the crash report under following path on your hard drive


Maybe you can try the TeamSpeak 3 Client Version 3.5.7 for testing.
To Download the Beta Version , you must switch to the Update Channel Beta. To do this, simply go to Tools -> Options -> Application and select “Beta” from the update channel dropdown, maybe this Version helps you.

Beta branch doesn’t resolve this issue.

@Haydspalms thank you, for your Feedback.

I’ll have a closer look at the crash dump later when I’m home. :slight_smile:

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So here i am. I looked into the Crash Dump, and it looks like that the Client cant handle the resize or the resolution. Maybe it will get a fix from TeamSpeak for this, but i cant promise it. Sorry.
Sorry i have no clue about the Problem here. :frowning:

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